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The transmission is a vital component of your vehicle, as it’s what allows you to change gears and transfer power from your engine to the wheels. Without it, your drives in the Annapolis, Highland Beach, and Hillsmere Shores areas would be a lot harder.

However, knowing when and why you need transmission repairs isn’t always clear. To help you learn more about this, MINI of Annapolis has created this transmission repair and replacement guide. Below, find out more about this crucial piece of equipment and when it might be time to schedule a checkup.

Transmission Repairs & Replacements

The transmission under the hood of your vehicle is home to a wide range of components, which are what let you shift seamlessly from gear to gear. However, because there’s so much going on in your transmission, issues can arise that can lead to needed repairs or even a full replacement.

However, your vehicle will let you know when it needs some extra care. If you notice the signs right away and schedule an appointment with your authorized service center, the professionals will be able to catch the problem and resolve it before an expensive replacement is needed.

Signs That You Need Transmission Repairs

Problems Shifting Gears – If you’re noticing that it’s becoming harder to shift gears, it might be time to make an appointment to have your transmission assessed. This increasing difficulty can include hesitation when shifting, falling out of gear when driving, jerking when changing gears, or shifting gears for no reason.

Unusual Sounds – Are you hearing grinding, whining, or other strange noises when you’re shifting? This could be a sign of a worn clutch, which should be assessed immediately, as it will affect how you drive.

Leaking Transmission Fluid – Transmission fluid is red in color, so it’s easy to detect if you have a leak in your system. If you’re seeing a red puddle under your vehicle, it’s time to head to your local certified service center. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that your transmission is dying, it can lead to serious issues if not taken care of.

transmission oil

Unhealthy Transmission Fluid – As stated before, transmission fluid is bright red, but it also has a sweet smell to it. When checking your transmission fluid, if it’s dark and cloudy and has a burnt smell to it, it means that it’s time for a fluid replacement. Schedule one as soon as possible to prevent your transmission from developing further issues.

Checking Your Transmission Fluid

Whether you do it yourself or have a professional take care of it for you, checking the fluid in your transmission will help you know whether you need any repairs. Doing this once a month or every 5,000–10,000 miles is smart, as it can prevent future issues and keep your car safe on the road.

Receive Transmission Repair at MINI of Annapolis

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