MINI Cooper Convertible Lease

The MINI Cooper Convertible is a great option for people who love feeling the wind through their hair as they hit the open road. If this vehicle interests you, you could always consider leasing it—especially if you love getting the latest model every few years.

The team at MINI of Annapolis will tell you a bit more about this vehicle and how you can lease one near Annapolis, Highland Beach, or Hillsmere Shores, Maryland. Keep reading to learn more, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

MINI Cooper Convertible LeaseA Bit About the MINI Convertible

Between its style, performance, and tech, the MINI Cooper Convertible exemplifies an exciting automobile.

In the back, you’ll find LED taillights with a Union Jack design—paying homage to the car’s British heritage. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun colors to choose from for this vehicle, including Chili Red and Caribbean Aqua—ensuring you’ll have heads turning wherever you go.

However, it’s the 3-in-1 electrically powered soft convertible top that really makes this automobile stand out. It folds open and closed in 18 seconds, even while cruising. You can also opt for sunroof mode, just to let a tiny breeze in.

As you’re driving around town, we recommend utilizing the cutting-edge technologies offered in this car.

There’s Apple CarPlay™, which lets you access your favorite mobile apps without messing with your phone while driving. There’s also the available Head-Up Display, which showcases info like speed and navigation instructions right in your line of sight for easy viewing.

MINI Cooper Convertible LeaseWhy Lease a MINI Cooper Convertible?

It’s easy to see that the MINI Cooper Convertible has lots to offer drivers like yourself. You may be wondering, then, whether you should buy or lease the model. While both have their benefits, leasing may be a better fit for you.

That’s because with a lease, you have the model for a few years. If you’re someone who loves utilizing the latest safety and technology features, then this option would work for you.

Another great reason to lease has to do with coverage. Lease terms typically last around three years, which is how long vehicle warranties usually last. As such, your MINI may be covered for as long as you have it, which is helpful if any unexpected repairs are needed.

Signing the lease dealHow to Lease a MINI Convertible

If you’ve decided you wish to lease the MINI Convertible, the team inside our finance center can help.

When you meet with one of our experts, they’ll go over every part of your lease agreement. This includes determining the number of miles you’ll be driving every year. If a MINI Convertible lease deal is available, we’ll apply that to your plan, as well.

Plus, we’ll go over various vehicle protection plans that you can add to your agreement for your peace of mind. Need to add more miles to your lease at any point? The Mileage Adjustment Program lets you do that and avoid any type of lease-end excess mileage charges.

You’ll sign the paperwork and receive the keys to a brand-new MINI Cooper Convertible. Once the lease term is over, simply bring the car back and get a new one—it’s that simple.

Get a MINI Cooper Convertible Lease Today

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