How to Make Your Brake Pads Last Longer

How to Make Your Brake Pads Last Longer

The brakes are an essential part of your MINI Cooper, as they help bring you to a stop when driving around Annapolis, Highland Beach, and Hillsmere Shores. To ensure that your braking system is always doing its job, every component needs to be in top form.

This includes the brake pads, which contact and apply pressure to the brake rotors to stop your vehicle. Because the pads can undergo extreme wear, they need to be replaced more than any other part of the brake system.

There are ways, though, that you can make your brake pads last longer. We’ll go over some tips and tricks below. After reading, feel free to contact MINI of Annapolis with any questions or to schedule service.

1. Slow Down.

Driving SlowlyWhile it’s fun to zip down the highway, stopping from such a high speed can be quite dangerous. This can wreak havoc on your brake pads over time. In fact, braking hard after driving fast will wear out the pads quicker than anything else.

That’s why you’ll want to slow down more, especially in stop-and-go traffic. If you maintain a steady speed rather than rushing forward just to stop suddenly, the brake pads can last a long time.

2. Maintain a Safe Following Distance.


Adding on to the first point, it’s important to keep a nice distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Think of the 3-second rule. Find an object that’s even with the car in front of you, like a sign or building. Count to three and see if you pass said object before you reach that number. If so, then you’ll want to leave more space between you and the other vehicle.

Not only is this defensive driving style the safest, but it’s also the easiest on your brakes. Continuously commuting in stop-and-go traffic can greatly decrease brake pad life. By leaving enough space between cars, you don’t need to tap on the brakes as often and can help keep them in great shape.

3. Use One Foot on the Brake Pedal.

One Foot Braking

Whether you hit the brake or gas pedal, you’ll want to stick to using the right foot only. Otherwise, there’s a chance that you’ll hit both pedals at the same time, which could ultimately mess up the brake pads.

This also makes it easy to avoid unnecessary brake taps. By sticking to just the right foot, you’ll extend the lifespan of your brakes.

4. Get Regular Brake Checkups.

Brake Service near Me It’s vital to get any type of maintenance done for your vehicle, to help maintain the quality of its various components. This is especially the case for the brakes, as they need to always be working properly to help keep you safe.

Brake inspections should be done regularly, with the intervals varying by model. You’ll also want to get the brake fluid flushed about every 25,000 miles. This will help keep the brakes working as they’re supposed to and have all the components, including the pads, lasting longer.

Schedule Brake Service Today

At some point, your brake pads will need to be looked at and potentially replaced. If that happens, you can bring your MINI Cooper to our state-of-the-art service center.

It’s here that our technicians will take a look at your brake pads to determine if they need to be changed. If so, we’ll use genuine OEM parts for the job, ensuring that your car can help keep you safe on the roads of Annapolis, Highland Beach, and Hillsmere Shores for a long time.

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